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    A new group of SALT School students proudly line up for their first school photo. This is the entry class of 2014.

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    A new church under construction. Eucalyptus poles and planks of timber and a shiny corrugated iron roof are all that are needed for this village congregation.

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    Equipping equippers is a vital part of ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the training programs.

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    Honouring their 'grandparents', people at KIng of KIngs Church in Mbarara, Uganda kneel as they present a wedding anniversary gift.

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    Dr Gavin loves to get into the villages and open God's Word to the people. Here he is teaching at a village conference for the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia.

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    After years without access to Bibles, LttN and our supporters were able help make the printed word available to people in deep village area. 

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    Classes in the SALT Schools in Uganda are an intense time of learning. Students come from far and wide to join the schools.

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    Graduation Day is a time of great excitement. Students proudly show off their diplomas.

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    Out in the remote areas, Gavin and Glenda meet with groups of SALT School Graduates for times of refreshing.

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    Pastor Glenda is known and loved by the people in the rural churches in Uganda. Her practical messages touch many hearts.

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    No matter what nation, the Word of God touches hearts. People in Ugandan Church respond to the message of Scripture.

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    The graduation photo is an important part of Graduation Day. It also provides proof of the validy of the graduation diploma.

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