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    A new group of SALT School students proudly line up for their first school photo. This is the entry class of 2014.

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    A new church under construction. Eucalyptus poles and planks of timber and a shiny corrugated iron roof are all that are needed for this village congregation.

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    Equipping equippers is a vital part of ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the training programs.

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    Honouring their 'grandparents', people at KIng of KIngs Church in Mbarara, Uganda kneel as they present a wedding anniversary gift.

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    Dr Gavin loves to get into the villages and open God's Word to the people. Here he is teaching at a village conference for the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia.

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    After years without access to Bibles, LttN and our supporters were able help make the printed word available to people in deep village area. 

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    Classes in the SALT Schools in Uganda are an intense time of learning. Students come from far and wide to join the schools.

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    Graduation Day is a time of great excitement. Students proudly show off their diplomas.

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    Out in the remote areas, Gavin and Glenda meet with groups of SALT School Graduates for times of refreshing.

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    Pastor Glenda is known and loved by the people in the rural churches in Uganda. Her practical messages touch many hearts.

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    No matter what nation, the Word of God touches hearts. People in Ugandan Church respond to the message of Scripture.

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    The graduation photo is an important part of Graduation Day. It also provides proof of the validy of the graduation diploma.

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As a faith ministry, LttN Ministries has no reserves or corporate backing. We are totally dependent upon the generosity of God and His people to provide the necessary resources for all that we do.

MINISTRY PARTNERS are individuals or groups of people who share our vision and feel led to become regular supporters of the ministry. A Ministry Partner shares in the work in the following ways:

bullet Praying regularly for Gavin and Glenda in their apostolic ministry in the Nations.
bullet Making a regular financial commitment to the ministry.
In return, LttN Ministries undertakes:

bullet To faithfully administer all receipts in accordance with the financial policy.
bullet To keep our Ministry Partners informed of developments on a regular basis through E-mails, newsletters and personal contact.
bullet To update this website with news and information as available.
Ways of Contributing:

Ministry Partners and other interested people may send contributions as follows:

bullet Personal Cheques or money orders payable to LttN Ministries Inc. and mailed to 14 West Kahala Avenue, Budgewoi, NSW, Australia. 2262. Cheques in other major currencies (e.g. US dollars, UK pounds, Euros) can be processed. However, bank charges and exchange rates take a proportion of the funds.
bullet PayPal (the Ebay financial transaction network) provides a fast, safe and efficient way to transmit funds from any currency to any currency around the world. Click here for details.
bullet Bank Deposit Books (Australia only). Especially encoded deposit books are available for National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Banking Corporation and Westpac. Simply deposit your gift when you do your banking. Please let us know which is most convenient to you.
bullet Direct transfers through Internet banking packages. Most banking packages allow for direct transfer to another bank account. Click here for the necessary details.
bullet Direct Debit (Within Australia Only). This is probably the most convenient method. At your request we will supply you with the appropriate form. You return the form to us and we submit it to our bankers. On your nominated day each month, your contribution is transferred to LttN's account. It could not be easier.
If you would like to sign up as a Ministry Partner, please contact us