Gavin and Glenda WilliamsGavin & Glenda Williams were both born and raised in Australia. Nurtured in Christian homes, they dedicated their lives to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ while still very young. They met in 1971 when Gavin's father became pastor of the church Glenda attended.

Gavin and Glenda both trained at The Baptist Theological College of Queensland. Following their marriage in 1973, they pastored the Brassall Baptist Church in Ipswich in Queensland. Gavin was ordained by the Baptist Churches of Queensland in 1977.

In 1977 they went to Zambia as missionaries with the Australian Baptist Missionary Society serving among the Lamba people of the Copperbelt Province. Their principle ministry was teaching in the Fiwale Hill Bible School which trained pastors for the Northern Baptist Association of Zambia.

Returning to ministry in Australia in 1981, they served in the following ministries:

  • Senior Pastor of the Stafford North Baptist Church (1981 -1987)
  • State Director of Campaigners for Christ in New South Wales (1988 - 1993)
  • Senior Pastor of the Ryde Baptist Church (1993 - 1996)
  • Senior Pastor of the Regents Park Community Church (1997 -2002)
  • Leaders of LttN Ministries Inc (2003 to the present time)

In May 2004, Gavin was awarded a Doctorate of Practical Ministry (DPMin) by the Wagner Leadership Institute of Colorado Springs, USA. The Chancellor of that institute is the renown Christian statesman, Rev Dr C Peter Wagner. Gavin majored in the field of missions.

Today Gavin and Glenda move freely across the different dimensions of the church around the world. Their ministry is well received in both conservative and more charismatic churches. Their message of personal submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, intimacy with God and the journey toward spiritual maturity is relevant to all parts of the Christian community.

Glenda and Gavin have three grown children: Kelvin, married to Vivienne; Elizabeth married to Mike and Andrew who is married to Belinda. All are active in the Lord's work. They have also been blessed with four grandchildren, Jessica, Isabella and Eli (children of Kelvin and Vivienne) and Jacob (first born of Andrew and Belinda.

Married for 37 years Gavin and Glenda are best friends. When they are at home in Australia, Glenda enjoys her garden, dressmaking and cooking. Gavin loves to make things out of timber.

Both are very practical people with a deep love for the Lord and an insatiable hunger to go ever deeper in Him. Their commissioning church is the Regents Park Community Church led by Rev David Deal. Their home church is Grace Community Baptist Church led by Rev Tony Rae.