Mission Statement:

To model, teach and mentor a life and ministry
founded on intimacy with God and a dynamic
personal spiritual journey.

"And the things you have heard say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach other." 2 Timothy 2:2

Ministry Priorities:

To be people who so abide in the presence of the Lord Jesus that:

  • We have His heart for our lives and ministry
  • We constantly minister His heart to His people
  • Our ministry flows with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Core Values:

God is more interested in who we are in Him than what we do for Him

It is the disciplined life in the secret places that lays the foundation for effective ministry in the public places.

The Grace of God under girds every dimension of our Christian journey.


  1. To give priority to a lifestyle of quietness before God that enables ministry to flow with spiritual authority and effectiveness.
  2. To invest in building the Kingdom of God by equipping and mobilizing God's people for greater effectiveness.
  3. To mentor emerging Christian leaders so that they learn to minister from a life founded in an intimate journey with God.
  4. To invest in the Church in the Developing World by sowing into such areas as:
    • A vision for godliness, intimacy and integrity as foundations for effectiveness.
    • Mentoring and resourcing Christian leaders.
    • Helping to overcome the spiritual isolation faced by many church communities in the developing world.
    • Providing insights into the things God is doing in His Church and the world (e.g. Christian unity, dimensions of Spiritual Renewal, community transformation etc.
    • Sowing a vision for unity and community transformation.
  5. To sow into churches in the Developed World.
    • A passion for Jesus
    • A hunger for intimacy with God
    • A vision for World Missionary enterprise
    • A passion to reach lost people.
  6. To be a bridge for Christians from more traditional viewpoints into the new waves of the Spirit flowing through His church today by providing an understanding of spiritual renewal thoroughly founded upon the Word of God and modelled with balance and integrity.
  7. To foster experiences where groups of Christians have opportunity to significantly enrich their spiritual journey.