Explaining the vision of LttN Ministries Inc can best be accomplished by sharing the story of one Ugandan pastor and his congregation.

Katukuru Christian Life Church is like many churches in the Developing World. Located in rural area away from the amenities of city life, the church does not have electrical power. The people are subsistence farmers who grow bananas and vegetables. They face a daily struggle to feed and educate their children and to provide the necessities of life.

The church was planted by a young man who is full of zeal for God and passion to see people saved. Yet Pastor Alex was almost totally untrained for the ministry. When he first went to the Katukuru area, his strongest opposition came from the mainline churches. That was 10 years ago.

Today the Katukuru Christian Life Church is a thriving congregation of around 200 people and growing. But the real strength of this church community is deeper below the surface. As a result of the training received in an LttN Ministries sponsored SALT School, Pastor Alex has established a discipleship and mentoring network that is rapidly spreading throughout the church.

During my last visit to Katukuru (February 2008), Pastor Alex gathered a group of approximately 20 young men. He pointed out the four or five men he has personally discipled and mentored using the training he received during SALT School. Then he introduced me to the others who are being discipled and mentored by the first four. These second generation disciples are now preparing to disciple another generation.

Simply stated, the vision of LttN Ministries is to help to develop Empowered Christian leaders in churches in the Developing World. To see that empowerment continuing to the second and third generation of believers is a joy beyond measure.

Yes we do have our Mission, Values and Vision spelled out in a more normal manner. If you would like to read that document, just click here.