LttN Ministries Inc exists and operates by the miraculous provision of God. We look to God for all that we need to cover our living and operational expenses both in Australia and abroad. Some people refer to this kind of ministry as a 'faith ministry". We prefer to say that we live by miracles. All Christians are required to live by faith since without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:8). Some of us are called to live by miracles as we watch day by day to see how God will provide the resources to enable us to fulfil the work He has called us to do.

God provides for this ministry through His people at a number of levels:


  • Ministry Partners are individuals who are personally committed to supporting us in the work God has called us to do. Most have pledged a fixed amount which they remit to our accounts each month or quarter either by direct debit arrangement through our bank or over the internet from their own bank. Some choose to send cheques or money orders through the mail. Details of our LttN Accounts is available on the 'Giving to LttN' page.


  • Supporting Churches: LttN Ministries is supported by a number of churches who have recognised the importance of this work and committed a part of their missions budget to the ongoing support of our ministry. We seek to encourage these churches through regular updates and visits to report on the work in which we are involved together.


  • Other churches take a love offering when we come to share about the ministry and minister the Word of God. Such love offerings enable the people of God who are present to sow into the ministry to leaders in the Developing World without impacting either the giving of the local church or their other commitments to missions.


  • One Off Gifts: From time to time individuals, small groups or churches feel moved to send a 'one off' gift to help us in the work. These are our miracles. God has a wonderful way of sending these one off gifts at just the right moment to meet the needs of the moment.


  • Sponsorship Fund: The leaders to whom we minister come from very poor situations. They do not have the resources to contribute more than very minimal amounts toward the cost of their training. Some cannot contribute anything at all. We have established the Sponsorship Fund to which supporters can direct special gifts specifically for the purpose of financing the schools and seminars we conduct.


  • Missions Fund: Since the inception of LttN Ministries, we have set aside 10% of all funds received to bless others. This Mission Fund has enabled us to respond to the needs of others who are involved in serving God. While most of these funds have been spent in the Developing world, occasionally the Lord will move us to respond to a need closer to home. Some friends who have had funds they wish to designate for missionary purposes have chosen to give their gift through the LttN Mission Fund.

All funds received are processed through the LttN Ministries Accounts. These accounts are are audited annually by an independent auditor. Copies of the Audited Accounts are available to supporting individuals and churches on request. Annual returns are submitted to the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading. LttN Ministries Inc is recognized as a Tax Exempt Charity by the Australian Taxation Office. However gifts to LttN Ministries Inc are not tax deductible.

For Further information:

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