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LttN Ministries is pleased to announce the release of three books written by Dr Gavin Williams. These titles represent some of the key areas of the teaching given by Gavin in his ministry to leaders in the Developing World. They have now been formatted into conveniently sized books for despatch people anywhere in the world. Some of the books have already been translated into other languages and are available at request.

Appointment With Jesus

Appointment With Jesus'Appointment with Jesus' invites you to join a journey – a journey into intimacy with God. In this book, Dr Gavin Williams opens his heart to share many insights discovered through the years of seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

At the heart of the book is a vital statement:
"The disciplined life in the secret place sets the foundation for effective ministry in the public place."

This statement has become a guiding principle in Gavin's own life and the lives of many he has taught and mentored around the world. In these pages you will find important spiritual principles and helpful practical guidelines to encourage you on the journey. This is a book you read and refer to again and again as you build the disciplines and principles into you own life day after day. Enjoy the journey.

Available in English, Romanian, Russian, Lugandan and Runyonkole

Price: $15 Australian Dollars plus packing and postage.


Prophetic Ministry Today

Prophetic Ministry TodayThis book is a pastor's thoughtful consideration of a subject that challenges, encourages and concerns many in the Church today. Like it or not, prophetic ministry is with us and it is not going away anytime soon. Therefore we need to understand this area of ministry and how to appropriate it's strengths and guard against those who would abuse it.

This book was originally written to give Biblical and practical guidance to Christian leaders in the Developing World. But many in more developed lands have found its contents to be of great assistance as they seek to harness the blessings of the gift of prophecy whilst limiting the potential dangers. Dr Williams draws upon his understanding of the Scriptures and years of pastoral and wider ministry to provide and easily readable foundation upon which to build develop your own convictions about this area of ministry.

The practical nature of this book means that all will find the material easily accessible. Readers will easily identify with the practical examples and guidelines for blessing found in these pages.

Available in English, Marathi, Romanian, Lugandan and Runyankole.

Price: $15 Australian Dollars plus packing and postage.

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Toward Maturity

Towards MaturityThis book is written by a pastor with a deep longing to see the people of God enter into their spiritual heritage. It is a call to believers to put aside the things which hold us back so that we might enter into all that God has planned for us.

Beginning with some of the basics of the Christian life, Toward Maturity is a book intended to provide all believers with a challenging resource for the onward journey. It raises issues that believers at all phases of their walk need to consider or reconsider.

This is a book which has many uses. Read it personally and receive a fresh challenge for your own journey. Share with a new believer as you disciple them in their walk with Christ. Use it as a resource for mentoring younger believers in their journey. Read it as a group and use the discussion resources to facilitate your group dynamic.

Available in English, Romanian, Lugandan and Runyankole

Price: $15 Australian Dollars plus Packing and Postage.

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These books may be ordered by sending an email to LttN Ministries: Contact Us

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