Towards MaturityThis book is written by a pastor with a deep longing to see the people of God enter into their spiritual heritage. It is a call to believers to put aside the things which hold us back so that we might enter into all that God has planned for us.

Beginning with some of the basics of the Christian life, Toward Maturity is a book intended to provide all believers with a challenging resource for the onward journey. It raises issues that believers at all phases of their walk need to consider or reconsider.

This is a book which has many uses. Read it personally and receive a fresh challenge for your own journey. Share with a new believer as you disciple them in their walk with Christ. Use it as a resource for mentoring younger believers in their journey. Read it as a group and use the discussion resources to facilitate your group dynamic.

Available in English, Romanian, Lugandan and Runyankole

Price: $15 Australian Dollars plus Packing and Postage.

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