Prophetic Ministry TodayThis book is a pastor's thoughtful consideration of a subject that challenges, encourages and concerns many in the Church today. Like it or not, prophetic ministry is with us and it is not going away anytime soon. Therefore we need to understand this area of ministry and how to appropriate it's strengths and guard against those who would abuse it.

This book was originally written to give Biblical and practical guidance to Christian leaders in the Developing World. But many in more developed lands have found its contents to be of great assistance as they seek to harness the blessings of the gift of prophecy whilst limiting the potential dangers. Dr Williams draws upon his understanding of the Scriptures and years of pastoral and wider ministry to provide and easily readable foundation upon which to build develop your own convictions about this area of ministry.

The practical nature of this book means that all will find the material easily accessible. Readers will easily identify with the practical examples and guidelines for blessing found in these pages.

Available in English, Marathi, Romanian, Lugandan and Runyankole.

Price: $15 Australian Dollars plus packing and postage.

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